Guodong Li

Member of Research Staff
Software System Innovation Group
Fujitsu Labs of America
1240 E. Arques Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94085

Tel: 408-530-4606
School of Computing, University of Utah


I defended my Ph.D dissertation in June 2010 and then joined Fujitsu Labs of America. My research interests are in improving the correctness, reliability and security of programs and systems. I have been working on projects about compiler validation, concurrent program checking, automatic software testing, and so on. Overall I aim at building automatic and practical tools.


My research interests include the following:
  • Computer assisted verification; formal methods.
  • Automatic software testing; software engineering.
  • Software security; cloud security.
  • Programming languages and compilers; program analysis.
  • Embedded systems; mobile software.
  • Multi-core systems; cloud computing.
Current Projects
  • Software Security: 
    •   security S4 (Software Security through Static, Symbolic and dynamic methods)
  • Formal Tools:
    • PASS (Parameterized Array based String Solver)
  Previous Projects
  • Formal Analysis and Testing of GPU Programs: 
    • snow GKLEE (GPU+KLEE)
    • pug PUG (Prover of User GPU programs)
  • Compiler Construction and Validation:
    • dragon VCL (Validated Compilation through Logic)

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