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I defended my Ph.D dissertation in June 2010 and then joined Fujitsu Labs of America. Since Summer 2015 I've worked for Codiscope (a spin-off of Cigital) on a new analyzer for software security.

My research interests are in improving the correctness, reliability and security of programs and systems. I have been working on projects about compiler validation, concurrent program checking, automatic software testing, constraint solving, and so on. Now my main focus is on program analysis and software security. Overall I aim at building automatic and practical tools.


My research interests include the following:
  • Computer assisted verification; formal methods.
  • Software security; network security.
  • Programming languages and compilers; program analysis.
  • Secure programming (Web and mobile apps).
  • Software validation, testing, and engineering.
  • High performance computing; parallel programming.
  • Artificial intelligence; machine learning.
Current Research Projects
       My current work includes:
  • S4D (Software Security through Static, Symbolic and Dynamic methods) (trial version available)
  • Parallelized constraint solving and machine learning 
Previous Projects and Tools (Recently)
(As the idea proposer, designer, and main implementer)

  • Formal Analysis Tools
    •  PASS (Parameterized Array based String Solver) [HVC13 best paper]
    Previous Projects and Tools (Less Recently)
     (As the main idea proposer, designer, and implementer)
  • Formal Analysis and Testing of GPU Programs
  • Compiler Construction and Validation
    • VCL (Validated Compilation through Logic) [FM11]
    Some Cool Contributed Projects
    • JST (Java String Tester);  GKLEEp (GKLEE Parameteric) / SESA; ARMor (Software Fault Isolation for ARM)
    • MPISpec (Formal Specification of MPI 2.0) [SCP11]

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     Publication List

    U.S. Patents (as the main inventor): 10+ granted; additional 5+ filed.


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