CS 6931
Database Seminar

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This course introduces both the classical and the latest results from the data management and database research. Some of the topics we will cover include I/O efficient data structures and algorithms, indexing for multidimensional data, such as the popular R-tree and kd-Tree, streaming data, graph data, various data management systems and platforms, etc. We will take a balanced approach focusing on both the algorithmic and the system aspects of problems in data management and databases.

An undergraduate computer science background is required for this class. General knowledge on algorithms, statistics, and probability theory is necessary. Student expects to learn an overview of various topics in data management and database research, especially on the issue of scalability, efficiency, and data models. The format of the seminar will be very flexible. The instructor will lead the discussion for 1/3 to 1/2 portion of the semester, and students will share the responsibility of leading the discussions for the rest of the semester, using selected papers (assigned by the instructor with the consideration of individual interest).


Instructor: Feifei Li
Email lifeifei AT cs.utah.edu
Office: MEB 3464
Office hours: by appointment

Time and Place

9:40-11:00 AM on Wed; MEB 3147


No required textbook. Reading materials will be distributed when necessary.


Most of the course materials, including the syllabus, lecture notes, reading assignments, etc., will be available through the course Web page (http://www.cs.utah.edu/~lifeifei/cs6931/).


Syllabus in PDF format:


Class Participation30%
Leading Discussion50%
Term Paper20%

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