Opportunities for Students

We have research assistantships for quality PhD, MS, and undergrad students. We even have had the occasional very bright high school student make excellent contributions to our work.

Details on admission to the School of Computing will be of interest if you're not already a student here. If you are already a student here, just drop by my office anytime or drop me a line.

Prospective graduate students, please note: we always want good students, are interested in you, and know that every student is unique. However, unless you have truly extraordinary circumstances, please apply to the school through the normal admissions process, and do not contact me asking if I will give you RA support or asking me to estimate your chances of admission. Why?

  1. Applying to the school is free.

  2. I can't evaluate you for RA support without the identical information that the admissions committee needs. You're going to have to produce it in any case. The committee is set up to process your information properly.

  3. I can't give you an RA unless you're admitted. If I am not on the admissions committee in a given year I have no or very little influence over their decision.

  4. I get dozens of such requests.

  5. A current Utah grad student's explanation, including a little data to help answer questions such as "will I get admitted"?
Thanks much; you will save yourself and me a lot of time that way.