Jay Lepreau

Jay Lepreau photo

Research Professor of Computer Science
Director, Flux Research Group
School of Computing
University of Utah

In Memoriam
We are sad to report that Jay passed away Monday morning Sept 15th, 2008 due to complications of cancer. Jay was an enthusiastic and productive researcher, a dedicated mentor of students and staff, and an avid participant in recreational activities such as music and outdoor sports. His loss will be felt by all who knew him, both within the computer science community and elsewhere.

Research Interests:

Current Research
I lead the Flux Research Group which works in many areas of software systems. We originated in operating systems, but go far afield, including networking, distributed systems, information and resource security, component-based systems, non-traditional languages, and runtime issues. Check out the group page for more detail. My publications are among those available on that page. Right now I have several major projects:

Last semester, as I often do, I organized the CSL seminar, CS7934. Some semesters we provide lunch! I have taught Networking, CS5480/6480, in the past.

Prospective Graduate Student Applicants: read this!

CS-related Web Pages of Special Interest
CS734 -- CSL (systems) seminar, now and earlier (was cs6935, cs686)
Languages/compiler reading group
CS6931 -- "AMPS" (languages/verification) seminar
Advice on Research and Writing

Hope amidst the Misery
Hopital Albert Schweitzer in Haiti -- where I grew up and worked for many years. A good cause.

I do most of that privately... Back when I had time, a lot was spent coding. Outdoor fun includes kayaking, rafting, frisbee, hiking, backpacking, bicycling, and sailing. Long ago on the east coast I was an avid Laser sailboat racer. You could never call it fun, but competitive distance running absorbed a lot of time and every available calorie in high school and college.

Jay Lepreau
School of Computing
50 S. Central Campus Drive Rm 3190
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112-9205
Voice: (801) 581-4285
Fax: (801) 585-3743
Email: lepreau@flux.utah.edu