Ladislav Kavan

Assistant Professor


School of Computing
50 S. Central Campus Drive
University of Utah
Salt Lake City
UT 84112-9205


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Research interests

Computer graphics and animation, physics-based simulation, biomechanics, medical imaging, computer vision, machine learning.

Teaching (Utah)

CS 4600: Computer Graphics (Fall 2018, Fall 2017, Fall 2016)
CS 6660: Physics-based Animation (Spring 2017, Spring 2016)
CS 7933: Graphics Seminar (Spring 2018, Spring 2017)

Teaching (Penn)

CIS 563: Physically Based Animation (Spring 2015, Spring 2014, Spring 2013)
EAS 205: Applications of Scientific Computation (Fall 2015, Fall 2014, Fall 2013)

PhD students

Dimitar Dinev
Riddhish Bhalodia
Ankur Rathore
Jing Li
Abhishek Tripathi
Junior Rojas
Saman Sepehri

Past members (→ next stop)

Tiantian Liu (→ Microsoft Research Asia)
Daniel Sykora (→ faculty at CTU in Prague)
Petr Kadlecek (→ postdoc at Oculus Research)
Zhenyu Shu (→ faculty at Ningbo Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University)
Lifeng Zhu (→ faculty at Southeast University)
Robin Tomcin (→ PhD student at RWTH Aachen)
Yusuf Sahillioglu (→ faculty at METU)
Xiaoyan Hu (→ faculty at Beijing Normal University)
Shunsuke Saito (→ PhD student at USC)
Yu Wang (→ PhD student at MIT)


Junior Rojas, Tiantian Liu, Ladislav Kavan.
Average Vector Field Integration for St. Venant-Kirchhoff Deformable Models  
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2018.
Dimitar Dinev, Thabo Beeler, Derek Bradley, Moritz Bacher, Hongyi Xu, Ladislav Kavan.
User-Guided Lip Correction for Facial Performance Capture  
Symposium on Computer Animation, 2018.
Zhenyu Shu, Shiqing Xin, Xin Xu, Ligang Liu, Ladislav Kavan.
Detecting 3D Points of Interest Using Multiple Features and Stacked Auto-encoder  
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2018.
Marek Dvoroznak, Saman Sepehri Nejad, Ondrej Jamriska, Alec Jacobson, Ladislav Kavan, Daniel Sykora.
Seamless Reconstruction of Part-Based High-Relief Models from Hand-Drawn Images  
Expressive, 2018.
Dimitar Dinev, Tiantian Liu, Jing Li, Bernhard Thomaszewski, Ladislav Kavan.
FEPR: Fast Energy Projection for Real-Time Simulation of Deformable Objects  
ACM Transactions on Graphics 37(4) [Proceedings of SIGGRAPH], 2018.
Dimitar Dinev, Tiantian Liu, Ladislav Kavan.
Stabilizing Integrators for Real-Time Physics  
ACM Transactions on Graphics 37(1) [Presented at SIGGRAPH], 2018.
Jing Li, Tiantian Liu, Ladislav Kavan.
Laplacian Damping for Projective Dynamics  
VRIPHYS [Honorable Mention], 2018.
David Pickup, Juncheng Liu, Xianfang Sun, Paul L. Rosin, Ralph R. Martin, Zhiquan Cheng, Zhouhui Lian, Sipin Nie, Longcun Jin, Gil Shamai, Yusuf Sahillioglu, Ladislav Kavan.
An Evaluation of Canonical Forms for Non-rigid 3D Shape Retrieval  
Graphical Models, 2018.
Alexandru-Eugen Ichim, Petr Kadlecek, Ladislav Kavan, Mark Pauly.
Phace: Physics-based Face Modeling and Animation  
ACM Transactions on Graphics 36(4) [Proceedings of SIGGRAPH], 2017.
Tiantian Liu, Sofien Bouaziz, Ladislav Kavan.
Quasi-Newton Methods for Real-time Simulation of Hyperelastic Materials  
ACM Transactions on Graphics 36(3) [Presented at SIGGRAPH], 2017.
Emily Whiting, Nada Ouf, Liane Makatura, Christos Mousas, Zhenyu Shu, Ladislav Kavan.
Environment-Scale Fabrication: Replicating Outdoor Climbing Experiences  
CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 2017.
Petr Kadlecek (*), Alexandru-Eugen Ichim (*), Tiantian Liu, Jaroslav Krivanek, Ladislav Kavan.
Reconstructing Personalized Anatomical Models for Physics-based Body Animation  
ACM Transaction on Graphics 35(6) [Proceedings of SIGGRAPH Asia], 2016.  (* joint first authors)
Alexandru-Eugen Ichim, Ladislav Kavan, Merlin Nimier-David, Mark Pauly.
Building and Animating User-Specific Volumetric Face Rigs  
Symposium on Computer Animation, 2016.
Zhenyu Shu, Shiqing Xin, Huixia Xu, Ladislav Kavan, Pengfei Wang, Ligang Liu.
3D model classification via Principal Thickness Images  
Computer-Aided Design, 2016.
Yusuf Sahillioglu, Ladislav Kavan.
Detail-preserving Mesh Unfolding for Non-rigid Shape Retrieval  
ACM Transactions on Graphics 35(2) [Presented at SIGGRAPH], 2016.
Tiantian Liu, Ming Gao, Lifeng Zhu, Eftychios Sifakis, Ladislav Kavan.
Fast and Robust Inversion-Free Shape Manipulation  
Computer Graphics Forum 35(2) [Proceedings of Eurographics], 2016.
Shunsuke Saito, Zi-Ye Zhou, Ladislav Kavan.
Computational Bodybuilding: Anatomically-based Modeling of Human Bodies  
ACM Transaction on Graphics 34(4) [Proceedings of SIGGRAPH], 2015.
Yu Wang, Alec Jacobson, Jernej Barbic, Ladislav Kavan.
Linear Subspace Design for Real-Time Shape Deformation  
ACM Transaction on Graphics 34(4) [Proceedings of SIGGRAPH], 2015.
Yusuf Sahillioglu, Ladislav Kavan.
Skuller: A Volumetric Shape Registration Algorithm for Modeling Skull Deformities  
Medical Image Analysis, 2015.
Lifeng Zhu, Xiaoyan Hu, Ladislav Kavan.
Adaptable Anatomical Models for Realistic Bone Motion Reconstruction  
Computer Graphics Forum 34(2) [Proceedings of Eurographics], 2015.
Zhanpeng Huang, Ladislav Kavan, Weikai Li, Pan Hui, Guanghong Gong.
Reducing Numerical Dissipation in Smoke Simulation  
Graphical Models, 2015.
Kenshi Takayama, Alec Jacobson, Ladislav Kavan, Olga Sorkine-Hornung.
A Simple Method for Correcting Facet Orientations in Polygon Meshes Based on Ray Casting  
Journal of Computer Graphics Techniques 3(4), 2014.
Alec Jacobson, Zhigang Deng, Ladislav Kavan, J. P. Lewis.
Skinning: Real-time Shape Deformation 
SIGGRAPH Course, 2014.
Kenshi Takayama, Alec Jacobson, Ladislav Kavan, Olga Sorkine-Hornung.
Consistently Orienting Facets in Polygon Meshes by Minimizing the Dirichlet Energy of Generalized Winding Numbers  
arXiv, 2014.
Sofien Bouaziz, Sebastian Martin, Tiantian Liu, Ladislav Kavan, Mark Pauly.
Projective Dynamics: Fusing Constraint Projections for Fast Simulation  
ACM Transaction on Graphics 33(4) [Proceedings of SIGGRAPH], 2014.
Daniel Sýkora, Ladislav Kavan, Martin Čadík, Ondřej Jamriška, Alec Jacobson, Brian Whited, Maryann Simmons, Olga Sorkine-Hornung.
Ink-and-Ray: Bas-Relief Meshes for Adding Global Illumination Effects to Hand-Drawn Characters  
ACM Transactions on Graphics 33(2) [Presented at SIGGRAPH], 2014.
Rajsekhar Setaluri, Yu Wang, Nathan Mitchell, Ladislav Kavan, Eftychios Sifakis.
Fast Grid-Based Nonlinear Elasticity for 2D Deformations  
Symposium on Computer Animation, 2014.
Dan Gerszewski, Ladislav Kavan, Peter-Pike Sloan, Adam W. Bargteil.
Basis Enrichment and Solid-fluid Coupling for Model-reduced Fluid Simulation  
Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds, 2014.
Yu Wang, Mubbasir Kapadia, Pengfei Huang, Ladislav Kavan, Norman Badler.
Sound Localization and Multi-Modal Steering for Autonomous Virtual Agents  
Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games, 2014.
Tiantian Liu, Adam W. Bargteil, James F. O'Brien, Ladislav Kavan.
Fast Simulation of Mass-Spring Systems  
ACM Transaction on Graphics 32(6) [Proceedings of SIGGRAPH Asia], 2013.
Ali Hamadi Dicko, Tiantian Liu, Benjamin Gilles, Ladislav Kavan, François Faure, Olivier Palombi, Marie-Paule Cani.
Anatomy Transfer  
ACM Transaction on Graphics 32(6) [Proceedings of SIGGRAPH Asia], 2013.
Peter-Pike Sloan, Jason Tranchida, Hao Chen, Ladislav Kavan.
Ambient Obscurance Baking on the GPU  
ACM SIGGRAPH Asia Technical Briefs, 2013.
Dan Gerszewski, Ladislav Kavan, Peter-Pike Sloan, Adam W. Bargteil.
Enhancements to Model-reduced Fluid Simulation   
ACM SIGGRAPH Motion in Games, 2013.
Christian Schüller, Ladislav Kavan, Daniele Panozzo, Olga Sorkine-Hornung.
Locally Injective Mappings  
Computer Graphics Forum 32(5) [Symposium on Geometry Processing], 2013.
Alec Jacobson, Ladislav Kavan, Olga Sorkine-Hornung.
Robust Inside-Outside Segmentation using Generalized Winding Numbers  
ACM Transaction on Graphics 32(4) [Proceedings of SIGGRAPH], 2013.
Ladislav Kavan, Olga Sorkine.
Elasticity-Inspired Deformers for Character Articulation  
ACM Transactions on Graphics 31(6) [Proceedings of SIGGRAPH Asia], 2012.
Alec Jacobson, Ilya Baran, Ladislav Kavan, Jovan Popović, Olga Sorkine.
Fast Automatic Skinning Transformations  
ACM Transaction on Graphics 31(4) [Proceedings of SIGGRAPH], 2012.
Ladislav Kavan, Dan Gerszewski, Adam W. Bargteil, Peter-Pike Sloan.
Physics-inspired Upsampling for Cloth Simulation in Games  
ACM Transaction on Graphics 30(4) [Proceedings of SIGGRAPH], 2011.
Ladislav Kavan, Adam W. Bargteil, Peter-Pike Sloan.
Least Squares Vertex Baking  
Computer Graphics Forum 30(4) [Proceedings of EGSR], 2011.
Ladislav Kavan, Peter-Pike Sloan, Carol O'Sullivan.
Fast and Efficient Skinning of Animated Meshes  
Computer Graphics Forum 29(2) [Proceedings of Eurographics], 2010.
Ladislav Kavan, Steven Collins, Carol O'Sullivan.
Automatic Linearization of Nonlinear Skinning  
Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games, 2009.
Ladislav Kavan, Steven Collins, Jiří Žára, Carol O'Sullivan.
Geometric Skinning with Approximate Dual Quaternion Blending  
ACM Transaction on Graphics 27(4) [Presented at SIGGRAPH], 2008.
Ladislav Kavan, Simon Dobbyn, Steven Collins, Jiří Žára, Carol O'Sullivan.
Polypostors: 2D Polygonal Impostors for 3D Crowds  
Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games, 2008.
Ladislav Kavan, Steven Collins, Jiří Žára, Carol O'Sullivan.
Skinning with Dual Quaternions  
Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games, 2007.
Ladislav Kavan, Rachel McDonnell, Simon Dobbyn, Jiří Žára, Carol O'Sullivan.
Skinning Arbitrary Deformations  
Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games, 2007.
Ladislav Kavan, Steven Collins, Carol O'Sullivan, Jiří Žára.
Dual Quaternions for Rigid Transformation Blending  
Technical Report, Trinity College Dublin, 2006.
Ladislav Kavan, Carol O'Sullivan, Jiří Žára.
Efficient Collision Detection for Spherical Blend Skinning  
Graphite (4th International Conference on Computer Graphics in Australasia and South-East Asia), 2006.
Ladislav Kavan, Ivana Kolingerova, Jiří Žára.
Fast Approximation of Convex Hull  
Advances in Computer Science and Technology, 2006.
Ladislav Kavan, Jiří Žára.
Fast Collision Detection for Skeletally Deformable Models  
Computer Graphics Forum 24(3) [Proceedings of Eurographics], 2005.
Ladislav Kavan, Jiří Žára.
Spherical Blend Skinning  
Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games, 2005.
Ladislav Kavan.
Rigid Body Collision Response  
7th Central European Seminar on Computer Graphics, 2003.
Ladislav Kavan, Jiří Žára.
Real-time Skin Deformation with Bones Blending  
Winter School on Computer Graphics, 2003.


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