Konstantin Shkurko

Konstantin Shkurko

Ph.D Student
School of Computing
University of Utah

Advisor: Erik Brunvand

School of Computing
50 S Central Campus Dr, RM 3190
Salt Lake City, UT 84112

kshkurko AT cs DOT utah DOT edu
kis9 AT cornell DOT edu


You can download the pdf version of my résumé here (pdf, 321 KB)


  • University of Utah, School of Computing, Salt Lake City, UT
    Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Graphics, expected May 2018

  • Cornell University, College of Architecture, Art and Planning, Ithaca, NY
    Master of Science in Computer Graphics, conc. in Applied Mathematics, 2010

  • Cornell University, College of Arts and Sciences, Ithaca, NY
    Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and Physics, 2007


  • [Jan 2012 - Present]Research Assistant
    University of Utah, School of Computing, Salt Lake City, UT

    Building on dual streaming architecture for ray tracing. Architecture restructured ray tracing into two predictive data streams to exploit streaming memory published in HPG 17 • Implemented path tracer to simulate propagation of radio frequencies in urban environments accounting for diffraction and interference - published poster in GTC '13 • Prototyped an interactive tool for physicists to visualize and analyze computed 3D data • Developed specialized path tracer to investigate energy implications of streaming memory and reconfigurable pipelines for ray tracing hardware - published in HPG '13, CGF 14

  • [Sept 2011 - Sept 2017]Software Architect and Developer
    University of Utah, Atmospheric Sciences, Salt Lake City, UT

    Designed and implemented in C++ a data acquisition tool (including driver) for MASC, a scientific instrument that takes pictures of falling snowflakes with 3 cameras while measuring their fall speed • Helped create new hot-plate-based precipitation sensor (patent-pending) • During winter of 2013, two deployed MASC systems captured 3 million images without failures • Simulated microwave scattering from select snowflakes - published in AMT '12 • Used Python to upload and showcase captured snowflake images on the web in real time • Project featured online on NBC News, Fox News, Yahoo!, Daily Mail, Slashdot and more

  • [June 2015 - Sept 2015]Software Development Intern
    Pixar, RenderMan team, Seattle, WA

    Prototyped integrating ray streams into RenderMan RIS

  • [June 2014 - Sept 2014]Software Development Engineer Intern
    Microsoft, Direct3D team in Windows Graphics, Redmond, WA

    Implemented Volume Tiled Resources feature within DirectX 11.3 and 12 • Created GPU conformance test (HLK) for the feature • Developed a sample showcasing conservative rasterization

  • [May 2013 - Aug 2013]Software Development Engineer Intern
    Microsoft, Direct3D team in Windows Graphics, Redmond, WA

    Developed an internal tool to find and visualize patterns in DirectX 3D API calls made by an application • Assisted in debugging internal tool-chain which captures D3D API calls

  • [Sept 2007 - May 2010]Research Assistant
    Cornell University, Program of Computer Graphics, Ithaca, NY

    Designed and implemented in C++ a software real-time volume visualization system based on Ray-Casting for 3D medical scan data that utilized a cluster of 32 8-core nodes in parallel • Produced a research manuscript with a comprehensive overview of approaches and an evaluation of performance improvements from several accelerations • Implementation achieved linear scalability in rendering times up to 8 nodes and parallel efficiency of 64% using all 32 nodes • Achieved rendering rates above 10 Hz for a megapixel image of a 950 x 5122 dataset

  • [May 2012 - Aug 2012]Software Development Engineer Intern
    Microsoft, Storage and File Systems, Redmond, WA

  • [Sept 2010 - Aug 2011]Research Assistant
    University of Utah, Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute, Salt Lake City, UT

  • [June 2010 - Aug 2010]Research Intern
    Technicolor, Princeton, NJ

  • [June 2006 - Aug 2006]Research Experience for Undergraduates in Computer Science
    Utah State University, Computer Science Department, Logan, UT

  • [Sept 2011 - Dec 2011]Teaching Assistant for Object-Oriented Programming
    University of Utah, School of Computing, Salt Lake City, UT

  • [June 2007 - Dec 2009]Teaching Assistant for Visual Imaging in the Electronic Age
    Cornell University, Program of Computer Graphics, Ithaca, NY

  • [Sept 2004 - Aug 2005]Animator and Webmaster
    CUSat Engineering Team, Ithaca, NY


  • [Sept 2005 - May 2008]Administrative Director and Webmaster
    [Sept 2004 - May 2005]Audio / Lighting Technician
    Cornell Productions, Student Activities Office, Ithaca, NY

    Interviewed, hired, and trained 30+ employees • Managed company finances and reorganized billing increasing annual net profit by over 500% • Coordinated with clients to produce professional events • Designed interior lighting to meet clients' expectations for weddings, Casino Nights, and corporate dinners and cocktails • Supervised small groups of employees per show, with average of 3-5 shows per month

  • [Sept 2005 - May 2007]Resident Advisor
    Cornell University, Residential Programs, Ithaca, NY

    Responded to emergencies, mediated conflicts between residents, and provided socially engaging atmosphere • Responsible for 55 transfer students daily • Every 10 days, on call for 24hrs, responsible for 1,200+ students


  • 1st Place in Cornell Mathematical Contest in Modeling of 2005

Additional Skills:

  • C/C++ • Python • CMake • Java • MATLAB • Qt • CUDA • DirectX • HLSL • OpenGL • Cg • PHP
  • MySQL • CSS • JS • Intel TBB • C#
  • MS Visual Studio • Git • SVN • PerForce • Photoshop • Illustrator • 3DS Max • Maya • Mathematica
  • Fluent in Russian