Anyone who would have used ssh, ftp, scp, rlogin, PuTTY etc. would know that all these services are tied to a particular operating system. The goal of this project would be remove this restriction, not by the traditional method of developing tools which are available for multiple platforms, but by migrating the service to the internet.


The idea is to develop a web based portal which could provide al the functionality of these above mentioned tools. For instance, a user might wish to upload some file to a remote server on the internet. In this frequently occuring scenario, one would use either ftp, scp in Linux/Solaris environment or pscp in windows. Instead of this approach, a web portal can be developed in which user can login and perform these functions. The closest service available on the web (in terms of concept and to my limited knowledge!) is calledMeebo. The portal allows users to chat without having to install any desktop client. Instead, the Meebo server runs multiple copies (equal to number of users currently logged in with their accounts) of light weight clients on their web servers (they use a striped down version of GAIM, a Linux based chat client). Click here to read more about how Meebo works.


The choice to make the portal AJAX based is borne by the fact that ssh or PuTTY like tools give user an interactive environment on remote hosts, hence it would be best to use AJAX with itís abilities to conveniently provide this interactive platform.



Conceived By:

Kshitij Sudan