Bathroom Remodel 2003-2004

This was my first attempt at a home remodel. It didn't turn out like I had hoped but what can you do. You have start some where. I might as well experiment with our condo before we buy a house.

I had to rip off wallpaper that was stuck to another layer of vinyl wallpaper which was stuck to the wall.
Since I have no patience I ripped off half the drywall.
See that large chunk of drywall I picked off? It was a small bubble the size of a quarter when I started.
I made a hole for a flat screen TV so that I could hang with the big dogs. I realized I had no money so I put in a medicine cabinet.
I framed the mirror in crown molding. Not because I wanted to but because my wife told me that if I didn't I couldn't stay up and watch basketball anymore.
I am a man that stands behind his work. I sure wouldn't want to stand in front of anything I built.
We sponged the walls out in the hall and painted the bathroom a solid color.
I will give to one chance to guess what my wife's favorite color is. I will give you a hint, it is not clear.