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Aaron Knoll, Ingo Wald, Paul Navratil, Anne Bowen, Khairi Reda, Michael E Papka, and Kelly P Gaither.
RBF Volume Ray Casting on Multicore and Many-Core CPUs
Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings of Eurovis 2014), to appear.

Aaron Knoll, Ingo Wald, Paul Navratil, Michael E Papka, and Kelly P Gaither.
Ray Tracing and Volume Rendering Large Molecular Data on Multi-core and Many-core Architectures.
Proc. 8th International Workshop on Ultrascale Visualization at SC13 (Ultravis), 2013.

Aaron Knoll, Cody Hammock, Jo Wozniak, Nathaniel Mendoza, Paul Navratil, and Brandt Westing.
Picowalls: Portable Tiled Display Walls from Pico Projector Arrays.
Proc. Workshop on Visualization Infrastructure & Systems Technology at SC13 (Vistech), 2013.

Khairi Reda, Aaron Knoll, Ken-ichi Nomura, Michael E. Papka, Andrew E. Johnson, and Jason Leigh.
Visualizing Large-Scale Atomistic Simulations in Ultra-Resolution Immersive Environments.
Proc. IEEE Symposium on Large-Scale Data Analysis and Visualization (LDAV), pp 59-65, 2013.

Khairi Reda, Alessandro Febretti, Aaron Knoll, Jillian Aurisano, Jason Leigh, Andrew E. Johnson, Michael E. Papka, Mark Hereld.
Visualizing Large, Heterogeneous Data in Hybrid-Reality Environments.
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications 33(4), pp 38-48, 2013.

David Hughes, Ik-Soo Lim, Mark W. Jones, Aaron Knoll, and Benjamin Spencer.
InK-Compact: In-Kernel Stream Compaction and Its Application to Multi-Kernel Data Visualization on General-Purpose GPUs.
Computer Graphics Forum, 32(6), pp 178-188, 2013.

Natallia Kotava, Aaron Knoll, and Hans Hagen.
Morse–Smale Decomposition of Multivariate Transfer Function Space for Separably-Sampled Volume Rendering.
Computer Aided Geometric Design, 30(6), pp549-556, 2013.

Nicolas Schunck, David Duke, Hamish Carr, Aaron Knoll.
Description of Induced Nuclear Fission with Skyrme Energy Functionals: I. Static Potential Energy Surfaces and Fission Fragment Properties.
http://arxiv.org/abs/1311.2616 (Physical Review, submitted for publication), 2013.

O. Anatole von Lilienfeld, Matthias Rupp, and Aaron Knoll
Fingerprint representation of molecules: Fourier series of radial distribution functions as descriptor for machine learning across chemical compound space
(submitted for publication), 2013.

David Duke, Hamish Carr, Aaron Knoll, Nicholas Schunck, Hai Ah Nam, and Andrzej Staszczak.
Visualizing Nuclear Scission Through a Multifield Extension of Topological Analysis.
IEEE TVCG (Proc. Vis 12), 18 (12), 2012.

Natallia Kotava, Aaron Knoll, Mathias Schott, Christoph Garth, Xavier Tricoche, Christoph Kessler, Elaine Cohen, Charles Hansen, Michael E. Papka, and Hans Hagen.
Volume Rendering with Multidimensional Peak Finding.
Proc. IEEE Pacific Vis Symposium, p 161-168, 2012.

Aaron Knoll, Kah Chun Lau, Bin Liu, Maria K.Y. Chan, Aslihan Sumer, Jeffrey Greeley, Larry Curtiss, Julius Jellinek, Mark Hereld and Michael E. Papka.
Uncertainty Classification and Visualization of Molecular Interfaces.
International Journal of Uncertainty Quantification, 3(2), 2013.

Aaron Knoll, Tom Peterka, Mark Hereld, Michael E. Papka, Bin Liu, Maria K.Y. Chan and Jeffrey Greeley.
A Volumetric Framework for Registration, Analysis and Visualization of Nanostructured Materials.
SciDAC Online Proceedings, 2011.

Aaron Knoll, Sebastian Thelen, Ingo Wald, Charles D. Hansen, Hans Hagen, and Michael E. Papka.
Full-Resolution Interactive CPU Volume Rendering with Coherent BVH Traversal
Proceedings of IEEE Pacific Visualization, pp 3--10, 2011.

Aaron Knoll, Rolf Westerteiger and Hans Hagen.
An Evaluation of Peak Finding for DVR Classification of Biological Data.
Proceedings of Visualization in Medicine and Life Sciences(VMLS) II, Springer, 2009.

Mario Hlawitschka, Younis Hijazi, Aaron Knoll, and Bernd Hamann
Towards a High-quality Visualization of Higher-order Reynold’s Glyphs for Diffusion Tensor Imaging.
Proceedings of Visualization in Medicine and Life Sciences (VMLS) II, Springer, 2009.

Younis Hijazi, Aaron Knoll, Mathias Schott, Andrew Kensler, Charles Hansen, and Hans Hagen.
CSG Operations of Arbitrary Primitives with Interval Arithmetic and Real-Time Ray Casting.
"Advanced Topics in Visualization", proceedings of Dagstuhl Scientific Visualization Workshops, Schloss Dagstuhl Online Proceedings, 2010

Aaron Knoll, Younis Hijazi, Rolf Westerteiger, Mathias Schott, Charles Hansen and Hans Hagen
Volume Ray Casting with Peak Finding and Differential Sampling
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics,
(Proc. Vis 09), 15(6), pp 1571-1588, 2009
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Aaron Knoll
Ray Tracing Implicit Surfaces for Interactive Visualization.
PhD Thesis, University of Utah, May 2009

Aaron Knoll, Younis Hijazi, Andrew Kensler, Mathias Schott, Charles Hansen and Hans Hagen
Fast Ray Tracing of Arbitrary Implicit Surfaces with Interval and Affine Arithmetic
Computer Graphics Forum, vol 28 #1, pages 26-40, 2009
Original Utah tech report #UUSCI-2007-014
Fast and Robust Ray Tracing of General Implicits on the GPU

Aaron Knoll, Charles Hansen, and Ingo Wald
Coherent Multiresolution Isosurface Ray Tracing
The Visual Computer, vol 25, #6, pages 209-225, 2009

Aaron Knoll
A Survey of Implicit Surface Rendering Methods, and a
Proposal for a Common Sampling Framework

GI Lecture Notes in Informatics,
Proceedings of the 2nd IRTG Workshop, September 9-11 2007, Kaiserslautern, Germany

Ingo Wald, Heiko Friedrich, Aaron Knoll, and Charles D. Hansen
Interactive Isosurface Ray Tracing of Time-Varying Tetrahedral Volumes
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics,
Proceedings of IEEE Visualization 2007, vol 13, #6, pages 1727-1734, 2007

Aaron Knoll, Younis Hijazi, Charles Hansen, Ingo Wald, and Hans Hagen
Interactive Ray Tracing of Arbitrary Implicits with SIMD Interval Arithmetic
Proceedings of the 2nd IEEE/EG Symposium on Interactive Ray Tracing, Ulm, Germany, 2007 (pages 11-17)
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Aaron Knoll, Ingo Wald, Steven Parker, and Charles Hansen
Interactive Isosurface Ray Tracing of Large Octree Volumes
Proceedings of the IEEE Symposium on Interactive Ray Tracing, Salt Lake City, 2006
[RT06 slides pdf]

Aaron Knoll
A Short Survey of Octree Volume Rendering Techniques
GI Lecture Notes in Informatics,
(Proceedings of 1st IRTG Workshop, June 14-16 2006, Dagstuhl, Germany)

Ingo Wald, Thiago Ize, Andrew Kensler, Aaron Knoll, and Steven G. Parker
Ray Tracing Animated Scenes with Coherent Grid Traversal
ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceedings of ACM SIGGRAPH), 2006
(Ingo Wald's webpage)