CS6620 Ray Tracing - Teapot Rendering Competition


Kevin Wall

5 hours, 20 minutes

Throughout this semester, our assignments generally revolved around a scene like the box shown in the image above. As a send up to all the sleepless nights I sat staring at that box, I decided to model my room, with my desk and equipment (and the trash that tends to accumulate in the final hours of a deadline). However, in the place of my laptop and debugger, I have a cornell box and flashlight!

All light in the scene comes from a point light within the flashlight. Indirect lighting is accomplished through photon mapping. A separate photon map is used to resolve caustics.

All models other than the the desk, room, cornell box, and of course the teapot, were aquired at blendswap.com and are under some version of the creative commons license.

Post-It Notes: blenderednelb

Mouse: HiRes

Speakers: dagudelo88

Closed Books: stendec

Open Book: pomsar

Flashlight: dewhead24

Pop Cans: mond

Cups: kwadwo

Huge thanks to all the talented artists at blendswap, and thanks to you for taking a look at my entry!