Selected Projects

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Research Projects

  • Took part in SoftRouter project. I was assigned to optimize packet I/O on general purpose platforms with multi-core multi-processor computing resources. I modeled the packet I/O workflow and identified three possible bottlenecks. The proposed solution uses device polling to avoid interrupt livelock, exploits memory mapping to facilitate data passing, and features an adaptive thread-pool algorithm.
  • Participated in Flexlab project, which aims to measure and emulate Internet paths. The measurement is performed in an overlay testbed called PlanetLab and the emulation is done in Emulab. I proposed algorithms for “application-perceived" delay, loss, and available bandwidth measurement, and implemented them in a program that utilizes a public domain packet sniffer called libpcap and a proprietary runtime preload library. I also employed a parallel execution tool to probe hundreds of paths from multiple vantage points on demand. In this process, I wrote customized Linux vServer scripts to schedule the measurements periodically. The measurement results are extracted and analyzed with tools such as Matlab, tcpdump, tcptrace, and so on.
  • Worked on estimating queue sizes of routers with network tomography techniques. I designed and implemented a packet-pair like program that communicates ICMP messages using raw sockets. The program produced encouraging results in emulation environment but fell short in Internet. The key challenge of filtering out the noise from the measured Internet delays turned out to be very hard.

Selected Work Projects

  • Designed, implemented, and managed a distributed computing environment with ClearCase and MultiSite. It consists of three network regions in California, Texas and Massachusetts and over 1,000 computers. The environment enabled more than 400 engineers to cooperate in either parallel or serial mode.
  • Enhanced a release mechanism to release all CAD developers’ tools and flows into chip designers’ environment safely and efficiently. It accommodates project branching, merging and cloning. It can also be customized for centralized or distributed workspace.
  • Developed software specifications with Rational Rose and Together. And wrote Java/ C/C++ programs and numerous scripts (Perl/ Python/Shell) to automate software testing, releasing, and bug tracking, and to utilize grid-computing facilities
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