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Juliana Freire
Department of Computer Science and Engineering , NYU Poly
Mailing address:
6 Metrotech Pl
Brooklyn, NY 11201
email: [firstname].[lastname] [ at ] nyu [dot] edu
As of July 1st, 2011, I am no longer updating this Web page. Please go to http://vgc.poly.edu/~juliana.
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Some News (and some not so new news)

Research interests

My research is in the general area of data management. I work both on the development of core data management technlogies and on applications that use these technologies. This gives me the opportunity to work with folks in cool areas such as
Environmental Sciences, Physics, Networking and Graphics/Visualization (see Projects below). Problems I am currently working on or have worked on include:
  • Scientific Data Management, Workflows and Provenance
  • Large-scale data analysis and visualization
  • Retrieval, mining, analysis and visualization of surface and hidden- Web data
  • Large-scale data integration
  • XML and semi-structured data management
  • Web information systems and Internet applications
  • Databases and knowledge-base systems



Patents Issued, Pending (partial list)

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Research projects

Professional activities

Diversity and Outreach Activities


Our research has been funded by the
National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation (grants new info!!! IIS 1050422, IIS 0905385, IIS 0844572 , IIS 0746500 , CNS 0751152 , IIS 0713637, IIP SBIR 0712592, OCE-0424602 , IIS-0534628, EIA-0323604, CNS-0514485, IIS-0513692, and CNS-0524096), Department of Energy (Sandia and Los Alamos National Laboratory), University of Utah Seed Grant, and Army Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) grant #A054-002-0330.
Link to some of Juliana's NSF grants.


Juliana Freire
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