Pirates Ahoy!

Over the summer of 2010 while working as a Microsoft Intern I participated in an "build and app" contest for the Windows Phone 7. Although we only took second place in the competition, we had a lot of fun and made a really fun game (it was the only game submission to the contest that actually got finished). It's a slash game where 3D fish and other sea creatures fly up onto the screen and you use your finger to slash them in half.

Here's a link to our apps website.

Surviving a Zombie Outbreak


My older brother and I had a great time team-teaching a class through Granite Peaks Continued Education. We taught a five week course on surviving a a world where a zombie disease was rampant. We had a lot of fun discussing different scenarios, watching clips, and learning useful things.

One of the main things we covered was knowing when to bug-in and when to bug-out and being prepared for both eventualities. We also talked about what to put in an emergency kit and also what to put in a bug-out bag. A lot of the information we taught came from sources such as Max Brooks' Zombie Survival Guide, Jonathan Maberry's Zombie CSU, and of course the Zombie Survival Wiki. It was a great experience and if the students learned half as much about survival as I did then they are now much more prepared for any natural disaster--especially that big zombie apocalypse we all know is coming.

Nerf N-Strike Elite

I had a lot of fun summer of 2009 working at EA Salt Lake on the sequel to their first Nerf game. I worked on a variety of areas including the in-game HUD, a script debugger, audio (mostly voice-over), and lots of bug fixing. I learned a lot about the software development process and was able to be a part of the team from just before alpha until we finaled.

Here's a link to the game's official website.