3D Modeling: Fall 2010

I took a class to learn how to use Maya just for fun. I made a Spartan warrior. Main concepts learned was a little bit about the Autodesk Maya and Mudbox software packages.


Artificial Intelligence: Spring 2010

In Artificial Intelligence we wrote search algorithms and many different kinds of agents in python using a pacman environment. We used different forms of reinforcement learning to make our agents act more rationally in their environment. This culminated in an imperfect-knowledge capture the flag game which my team won.


Compiler: Spring 2010

A friend and I wrote a compiler for a subset of Java called MiniJava. We verified it by compilers several large MiniJava programs into MIPS assembly language and running them in a simulator.


Particle Simulator: Spring 2009

Using Nvidia's CUDA language, a couple friends and I wrote a particle simulator which could simulate over 2 million particles in real-time with a normal Nvidia card by exploiting the GPU. We implemented things like attractors, gravity, and basic collision with spheres and planes.

Attractors Demo on YouTube      Collision Demo on YouTube

Online Forum in ASP.NET: Spring 2009

Three friends and I used ASP.NET to create a forum type website in which people could discuss various computer science classes and assignments as well as rate the classes on various aspects. We implemented registration and security features which could be used to monitor the users of the forum.


Graphics: Spring 2009

I took a course on introductory computer graphics and did a lot of neat graphics projects in OpenGL. I learned a lot about the rendering pipeline, using OpenGL to do texture mapping, lighting, 3-D rendering. The class culminated in writing my own basic ray tracer which taught me a lot of useful skills, especially in the gaming industry where ray casts are used frequently.


Glimpse of Evil: Fall 2008 - Fall 2009

This project was my first time working on a team of over 10 people, roughly half artists and half technical people like myself. Our goal is to release this as an XBox Live XNA game, available for public download through the Xbox independent community.

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Pac-man: Spring 2008

This Pacman remake was a four person project. We really pulled it together and, using a framework we had programmed, we coded up this multiplayer version of the classic in just a few short weeks. It's also tested on the XBox 360. It was a lot of fun to make.

3-D Environment: Spring 2008

This was some work I did with a friend. Starting with a Flight Simulator tutorial posted by Remier, we made a 3-D Lego world to walk around in. Its purpose was to get a feel for 3-D, collision, mouse control, etc.


Tetris: Spring 2008

This remake of the old classic was an individual project which I used to warm up to XNA.

I've been really happy with what XNA allows a couple of people to do and my exposure to it started here.


Machinimas: Spring 2008

Machinima is the art of making movies using video game engines. We used the Half Life 2 engine with the tools Faceposer and Hammer. Links to our movies can be found below.

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Half-Life Mod: Fall 2007

I worked on a mod for the popular Half-Life game with three teammates. We designed teleportation weapons for a king of the hill version of the game. Main lessons learned included teamwork and learning a code base of over 500,000 lines of code.

Here is a link to a demo on YouTube of the final mod       

Utah Instant Messenger: Fall 2007

The Utah Instant Messenger, or UIM for short, was a great project in C++
It was good practice for sockets, threading, and a lot of other concepts which were new to me at the time.

Download the entire project