Hardware Volume Shading

Translucency Approximation

Visible Female's feet.
Bonsai tree, jade-like leaves.
Stanford bunny CT
Joseph the Convicted
Clouds for David...
Teddy Bear, with fur.
Specular reflection added only at dielectric. Click to enlarge.
Fish with only translucency (no surface shading). Click to enlarge.
Animated Noise. A faster AVI
Some interesting translucent materials.
Click to enlarge.
A cube.
Some spheres.
Volume perturbation, 2 harmonics.
12 light sources weighted and added. Volume size is 128^3.
Spectral Lighting. Volume size is 128^3. Click to enlarge.
Skin with highlights only at dielectric. Two different transfer functions. Volume size is 128^3.
A Phantom CT respiration study. Windows Animation (11 MB)

Created Nov 7 2001
Last Modified May 2 2002