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Milan Ikits

I am currently employed as a software engineer at Mako Surgical. I completed my Ph.D. in the Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute under the supervision of Chuck Hansen. I am originally from Hungary and received a diploma from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

My research interests include the broad areas of interactive computer graphics, scientific computing and visualization, human-computer interaction, haptics, and robotics. In my dissertation research I developed and evaluated graphical and haptic rendering techniques that help scientists explore their data sets more effectively.
I have also done work on using programmable graphics hardware for volume visualization, simulation, and processing applications.

Contact Information

Email: ikits[]sci utah edu


Ikits_UUSCI-2007-005.pdf Interactive Exploration of Volumetric Data Sets with a Combined Visual and Haptic Interface
Milan Ikits
Ph.D. Dissertation, SCI Institute Technical Report UUSCI-2007-005, University of Utah, April 2007
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Ikits_Unpublished_04.pdf A Focus and Context Interface for Interactive Volume Rendering
Milan Ikits and Charles Hansen
Manuscript, May 2004
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Milan Ikits, Joe Kniss, Aaron Lefohn, and Charles Hansen
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Ikits_UUCS_00.pdf Coregistration of Pose Measurement Devices Using Nonlinear Least Squares Parameter Estimation
Milan Ikits
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Ikits_ICRA_97.pdf Kinematic Calibration Using a Plane Constraint
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Software Contributions

GLEW The OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library (GLEW)
An easy-to-use portable library for OpenGL extension loading. Developed jointly with Marcelo Magallon.
HAVS Hardware-Assisted Visibility Sorting (HAVS)
Developed in collaboration with Steve Callahan, Claudio Silva, and Joao Comba.
Teem The Teem Toolkit
A set of ANSI C libraries for manipulation, measurement, and visualization of structured scientific data.
Written by Gordon Kindlmann. My contributions include Windows, png, gzip, and bzip2 support and helping with various design decisions.
SCIRun SCIRun/BioImage
I developed the core of the direct volume rendering engine of the SCIRun problem solving environment.

Research Interests

Scientific Visualization

  • Volume visualization and processing with programmable graphics hardware
  • Visualization of vector, tensor and multi-field data

Haptic Rendering

  • Data exploration techniques
  • Haptic display of deformable materials
  • 6DOF interaction with polygonal and volumetric models

Immersive Environments

  • Calibration of colocated visual and haptic displays
  • Software tools for rapid application development
  • Usability evaluation

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