Ali Ibrahim received his Laurea degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Rome La Sapienza, Rome, Italy in July-1999. He had been a research assistant at the School of Computing, University of Utah from fall 2000 to spring 2005. He defended his Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Utah in May-2005. From May-2005 to Dec-2006, Ali was working at Siemens Technology-To-Business center in Berkeley, California as a Post-Doctoral researcher and a Co-founder of Satva Design Automation. In Jan-2007, He joined the Graphic Processors Group at AMD, formerly known as ATI.
Ali's Ibrahim research interests are in the area of computer architecture, VLSI architectures for signal processing, reconfigurable computing, Media processors, Graphic processors, low power system design, memory system, back-end compilation, and wireless communication.

Hobbiessssss: there is nothing better than having a beer (root beer would work as well) and playing pool, Tennis, Salsa dance (I am a big fan of it), Walking in the forest (we need to go back to nature once a while), Following the news (it is sort of an addiction), Watching documentaries (From the Maya civilization to world war II), Reading, listening to music, Reading jokesss (They say the more you laugh the more you live. I guess they tricked me). Talking of Jokes....check my favourite jokes (Sorry, if you dont speak arabic you will not be able to understand them. I like lebanese Humor. We are nice people after all. I guess they tricked me on this too). Oh, I forgot to mention that I am from Tripoli.

  Ph.D. Research

  ibrahim at cs dot utah dot edu

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