Wasatch Citizens Series

The Wasatch Citizens Series (WCS) ski races have been Utah's premier nordic skiing events since 1979. When the US Ski Team moved its coaching staff to Park City in the 1980's, the WCS became a training ground for many of the country's top skiers. The Park City Junior Nordic Ski Team has launched several young athletes to national recognition, and some of our older participants have consistently won National Masters titles. Members of recent U.S. Olympic Teams, Laura McCabe, Wendy Wagner, and Rosie Brennan, began their skiing careers in our races.

The WCS consists of five events held each year at the major cross country ski areas along the Wasatch Front and Back. Two classic technique and three free technique races are included to provide the balance local athletes need to prepare for national and international competition.

In addition to our 18 age categories for each gender, the WCS includes recreational/novice classes for adults and children, to encourage beginners to get involved in the sport. There are also expert classes, for University and US Ski Team skiers and those who wish to compete at that level, and sitski classes for disabled athletes. Awards are given to the top three finishers in each of these groups at each race. Participants' ages range from less than 5 to more than 75, and many families regularly attend the races.

Points are awarded to each racer according to finish place in their class. (Details of WCS scoring is explained below.) Points are accumulated over the entire season, and special prizes are awarded to the top three skiers in each class. To see points lists for the current and past winters, click here. To see results for the current and past winters, click here.

In 2013 Bruce Schroeder suggested that we create an award for all those who have participated in at least 100 Wasatch Citizens Series races. At that time we knew of 10 skiers who had done that many WCS events. Since limited data is available for the years before 1986, there probably were more than that. If anyone has information from the late 70's or early 80's, please let Dave Hanscom know. Click here to see the a list of the top 45 WCS partipants.

Various local retailers act as individual event sponsors: Soldier Hollow, White Pine, Wild Rose, REI, and Wasatch Touring. An energy bar is donated by Clif Bar for each of our participants at each race. An urn of cocoa is provided by Park City Coffee Roasters. Also, we'll enjoy lunch at the first, third and fifth races, compliments of WHF Wealth Management, and Nate Wade Subaru, and Intermountain Bobcat.

A number of companies provide products that are given out after the races by random drawing: Alpina (boots, gear), Atomic (skis, boots, poles, gear), BeFast (hats, headbands), Chums (accessories), Dahlie (clothing), EnjoyWinter (wax, gear), Fischer (poles, gear), Jan's (ski grinding), Kuhl (clothing), Madshus (boots, poles, gear), Mavic (accessories), Rossignol (gear), Salomon (skis, boots, poles, gear), Scheels (gift certificates), SportHill (clothing), Swix (wax, ski poles, gear), Toko (wax, clothing), Ultimate Direction (packs), Viking Yurt (TBD), and Wild Rose (ski grinding).

Race Schedule

The WCS races during the 2019/2020 winter are planned as follows:

date technique(distance) location
Sat,Dec 21 classic (10k) Soldier Hollow
Sat,Jan 4 free (15k) White Pine
Sat,Jan 25 classic (10k) Mountain Dell
Sat,Feb 8 free (10k) Soldier Hollow
Sat,Feb 22 free (20k) White Pine Farm

The schedule for most all races in Utah and vicinity that are popular with local cross country skiers can be found here. For more information about cross country ski racing in Utah, check The Utah Nordic Alliance (TUNA) website, or send email to me at hanscom 'at' cs 'dot' utah 'dot' edu.


Registration for Wasatch Citizens Series races may be done in advance or on the day of the race. To purchase your season or individual race pass in advance, go to the TUNA online store. In order for your online registration to appear in the database at a race, it must be done at least 36 hours before the event.

A season pass costs $85 for adult members of The Utah Nordic Alliance (TUNA), $125 for adult non-members, and $35 for all kids 17 and under. Last year we added a special rate for adult skiers who choose to ski in our Recreational/ Novice Class, which go shorter distances. That group can purchase a season ass for $45 for TUNA members and $65 for non-members.

Registration for individual races is usually done on the day of the race. Entry fee for individual races is $25 for adult TUNA members, $35 for adult non-members, and $10 for all kids.

Registration and bib pickup opens 90 minutes before the start of the race and closes 30 minutes before the start. No late entries are accepted. All racers must sign a release form before their first race of the winter and pick up a bib before each race. Information is posted in the registration area relative to the course and start time for each class. Bibs are assigned at the time of registration and may not be transferred.

Race Rules

A skier who overtakes another on the track must go around the slower skier. No "tracking" is allowed in Wasatch Citizens Series races. In classical technique events, at least two tracks are available around the entire course wherever possible. In all events, slower racers should stay as far to the right as possible to allow faster skiers to pass. Intentional interference with another racer will be cause for disqualification. Complaints should be taken to the Wasatch Citizens Series race coordinator.

It is the responsibility of each skier to be at the start on time. A racer who is late for the start will not receive any time adjustment.

The WCS follows the rules adopted by the Intermountain Division: no fluorinated wax is allowed for anyone under 14; older juniors may use high-fluor, but with no pure-fluor topcoats.

A special drawing for skis and other valuable prizes takes place at the final event. In order to be eligible for the ski drawing, and to be eligible for a special participation prize that is awarded at the end of the season, a skier must participate in four or more events, or purchase a season pass.

Racer Classes and Distances

Wasatch Citizens Series racers are divided into 22 classes for men and 22 for women as shown below. Most of these are age groups. The others are called Recreational or Novice (for those who are just learning to race, or who only want to ski a shorter distance), Open (for advanced racers of all ages), and SitSkier. Current and recent University and US Ski Team skiers are required to ski in the Open class. The table shows approximate distances for each class. The JN class is a fun "obstcle course" for kids 7 and under who do not wish to "race".

A skier's age is that on December 31 of the current winter.

MJN 7 and under "obstacle course" | FJN 7 and under "obstacle course"
MU8 5-7 1 km | FU8 5-7 1 km
MU10 8-9 1 km | FU10 8-9 1 km
MU12 10-11 2 km | FU12 10-11 2 km
MU14 12-13 3 km | FU14 12-13 3 km
MU16 14-15 5-7 km | FU16 14-15 5-7 km
MU18 16-17 5-15 km | FU18 16-17 5-10 km
MU20 18-19 5-15 km | FU20 18-19 5-10 km
MOpen any age 10-20 km | FOpen any age 10-20 km
M20 20-24 10-20 km | F20 20-24 10-20 km
M25 25-29 10-20 km | F25 25-29 10-20 km
M30 30-34 10-20 km | F30 30-34 10-20 km
M35 35-39 10-20 km | F35 35-39 10-20 km
M40 40-44 10-20 km | F40 40-44 10-20 km
M45 45-49 10-20 km | F45 45-49 10-20 km
M50 50-54 10-20 km | F50 50-54 10-20 km
M55 55-59 10-20 km | F55 55-59 10-20 km
M60 60-64 10-20 km | F60 60-64 10-20 km
M65 65-69 10-15 km | F65 65-69 10-15 km
M70 70-74 5-8 km | F70 70-74 5-8 km
M75 75-79 5-8 km | F75 75-79 5-8 km
M80 80 and older 5-8 km | F80 80 and older 5-8 km
MRec/Nov any age 5-8 km | FRec/Nov any age 5-8 km
MSitSkier any age 1-4 km | FSitSkier any age 1-4 km

Race Starting Order

The youngest juniors (13 and under) and sit skiers complete their races before any other classes start. They normally start in three groups and ski a short course. The intent is for the others to provide encouragement for them. The JN skiers can start any time they wish and ski through the obstacle course as many times as they wish.

The older groups are usually started in waves of one or more classes, with one to three minute intervals between waves. The start procedure is announced on race day, and each skier may find out the approximate start time at registration. The waves and starting order of racer classes are usually as follows:

1 - MU14,FU14 6 - MOpen,FOpen,MU18,FU18,MU20,FU20
2 - MU12,FU12 7 - MU16,FU16
3 - MSitSkier,FSitSkier 8 - M20,M25,M30,M35,M40
4 - MU10,FU10 9 - M45
5 - MU8,FU8 10 - M50
11 - M55,M60,M65
12 - F20,F25,F30,F35,F40,F45,F50,F55,F60,F65
13 - M70,F70,M75,F75,M80,F80,MRec/Nov,FRec/Nov

Scoring Procedure

Points are awarded to each racer according to finish place in the class as shown below. Points are accumulated over the entire season, and special prizes are awarded to the top three skiers in each class. To see points lists for the current and past winters, click here.

Only the best four results are counted for each skier. Results of a fifth race, if available, are used only to break ties. A skier must participate in at least three races to qualify for seasonal awards.

We recommend that recreational/novice racers move into the appropriate age group if his or her per-kilometer time is within 10% of the third place finisher in that group. When moving into an age class, a rec/nov keeps only the points from the single best rec/nov finish. No other class change carries any points.

Racers are only allowed to change classes one time. Once a racer moves to a new class, he/she must stay there for the remainder of the winter.

1 30 | 11 10
2 28 | 12 9
3 26 | 13 8
4 24 | 14 7
5 22 | 15 6
6 20 | 16 5
7 18 | 17 4
8 16 | 18 3
9 14 | 19 2
10 12 | 20 or higher 1