Rapid Prototyping Project - Summer 1994

(This page and its subpages are under construction)

The following pages describes the RPT-project taking place at Lulea University of Technology last summer. The purpose of this project was to merge several digital design tools into one single top down design that could be usable for beginners in synchronous digital design.

The tools used were:

PowerView from ViewLogic,

Orca FPGA's from AT&T and their routing program ODS ,

The GP4 programmable circuit board from Aptix.

The ORCAMASH tool created during the project

This work appears in 1995 years IEEE International Workshop on Rapid System Prototyping Hardware-Software Codesign which was held June 7-9 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA.

This is a beginners tutorial for synchronous digital design using the rapid prototyping tool system described in the RSP paper.