Hans Jacobson

Hans Jacobson

Ph.D. Student
Computer Science Department
University of Utah
Some facts about me: I am born and raised in a lovely seaport town in the northern part of Sweden called Luleå. I received my masters at Luleå University of Technology in fall 1996. During my graduate studies I have specialized in the field of digital hardware design. At Luleå University I took some graduate courses covering this area and also participated in a Rapid Prototyping Project concerning the forging of several rapid prototyping tools into a single design platform. During one of these courses I developed an interest in the field of Asynchronous Design which offers several interesting characteristics not found in Synchronous Design. During summer 95 to spring 96 I performed my master thesis project at University of Utah Computer Science Department where I helped in the development of a framework for Synthesis of Asynchronous Circuits called ACK. I am currently pursuing a doctorate in Computer Science at the University of Utah. My research is now concentrated on efficient hardwired and programmable architectures and synthesis algorithms for asynchronous system design. I am currently carrying out my thesis research regarding locally clocked systems at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown, New York.


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