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Note: I graduated in July 2010, taking a position at Golden Helix to advance the state of analytical tools for the amazingly advancing world of DNA-based research.

My wife and I migrated down to Salt Lake City, from Bozeman, Montana where I completed an BS in Computer Science at Montana State University in the end of 2005. Between my undergraduate and graduate pursuits, I've had the pleasure of working at a bio-tech company as a software engineer and later as director of software development.

I am pursing a masters in computer science at the University of Utah and am thoroughly enjoying my time in Salt Lake City. Maybe I could fill in more details of the what-nots and goings-ons in the Rudy family, but in the mean time, here is a photo of my wife and I on a Harley in Yellowstone Park.

Me on a harley

Projects and Talks

When I scratch itches or write programs for fun and they turns into something worth sharing, I throw them up on google code. Here are a few:
  • A GUI for a seam-carving image resizer
  • Some code to let you have a windows program act as both a console and windows application.
  • A build system that makes quick work of multi-computer tasks through parametrized shell code snippets
  • And recently Visual Studio built binaries of the Qt GUI libraries packaged in a lean and clean installer.

I've given a couple talks to various groups:


I am currently working as a research assistant for Mary Hall doing work on auto-converting code to run on GPUs and multi-core environments and auto-tuning performance to maximize resource utilization.


Publications while at Utah:
  • CUDA-CHiLL: A Programming Language Interface for GPGPU Optimizations and Code Generation
    Gabe Rudy, Thesis for Masters in Computer Science. July, 2010
  • Using a programming language interface to describe GPGPU optimization and code generation.
    Gabe Rudy, Chun Chen, Mary Hall, Malik Murtaza Khan and Jacqueline Chame. The 23rd International Workshop on Languages and Compilers for Parallel Computing (LCPC'10), October 2010.
  • Transformation Recipes for Code Generation and Auto-Tuning. [doi]
    Mary Hall, Jacqueline Chame, Chun Chen, Jaewook Shin, Gabe Rudy and Malik Murtaza Khan. The 22nd International Workshop on Languages and Compilers for Parallel Computing (LCPC'09), October 2009.
Gabe Rudy

Gabe enjoys being a code ninja, white water kayaking, taking his his west highland terrier, miniature schnauzer and cat on walks (yes, the cat tags along) and sitting on the porch at night with his wife.

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