Elijah Grubb

I am an undergraduate student studying Computer Science at the University of Utah. I am a member of the Flux Research Group in the School of Computing working with Professor Eric Eide. Previously, I worked with Professor Feifei Li as a part of the Data Group.

My research interests somewhere at the intersection of security, systems, and programming languages. I have had the opportunity to spend some time working at several companies working alongside talented software engineers. One of the biggest takeaways of mine is the need for more secure software without increasing developer overhead. My research goals involve developing systems and tooling focused on increased security without compromising developer productivity or significantly increasing developers' learning curve. With this goal in mind, my research experience has involved formal methods, dynamic and static program analysis, containers, virtualization, operating systems, compilers, program synthesis, and fuzzing.

Research projects…

Emulab: An Integrated Experimental Environment for Distributed Systems and Networks Currently working to help bring Docker support to Emulab's unique system design. Testing ways to use the lightweight container capabilities of Docker while retaining Emulab's key debugging features and smooth deployment capabilities. Implemented support for Alpine Linux images inside of Emulab.
SONAR: Spatio-temporal ONline Analysis and Reasoning Within the SONAR project, worked on data import, which includes bringing in large amounts of data from twitter, building a generic import function into the application to let others upload their own spatio-temporal data and researching data deduplication methods.
Spatio-Temporal Analysis: US Election 2016 Within the election project, worked on taking collecting data store of tweets and running them through systems to find political tweets and assign them to their appropriate county based on location, then pushing them to database.

Side projects…

Ozone Heat Map Simple webapp I built using the Google Maps API and some simple javascript to display Ozone data for the state of Utah over several years, allowing you to compare year-to-year the trends. I built this for a hackathon at the University of Utah hosted by the U of U ACM and Goldman Sachs. My team took 3rd overall. Here's where I got the data from.
See it in action. (Not really mobile friendly. You may have to adjust your zoom.)

Class projects…

Guide Mobile app built as my senior capstone project. This is supposed to be the pinnacle of my undergrad career. If you're interested in participating in our beta send me an email. Built with an awesome team of rockstars.
NBA Clustering Project for my Data Mining course. My team took NBA statistics for the 2010-2016 NBA seasons and performed multiple clustering and analysis on them. Final report coming soon.
SpriteEditor Class project built with a large team to create a simple sprite editor. The app was built in C++ and uses the Qt framework.
Here's a screenshot of it.
Asteroids Class project built with a partner. My first "big" project as a programmer. Added a lot of fun extra features which can be found in the readme on the site. Should be easy to build if you have a Java environment.

Outside of Computer Science…

Sports are fun.

I love soccer. I have season tickets to RSL and spend most weekends watching English, German, Spanish, Italian or maybe even French footy.
The Utah Jazz are my only team worth talking about right now.
I'm in denial about what the Chargers and Braves are currently doing.
I played tennis in high school. Still love to watch the Grand Slam tournaments.
Go Sharks!
Utah rules BYU drools.

I've read some good books lately.

Cryptonomicon Neal Stephenson IP
We Are Legion (We Are Bob) Dennis Taylor IP
Sometimes I Lie Alice Feeney
Dark Matter Blake Crouch
The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet Becky Chambers
Ready Player One Ernest Cline
The Martian Andy Weir
Steve Jobs Walter Isaacson