The code, some object files, an HP executable

This code is very young. Don't expect a lot.

peek.tar.uu: Here is a uuencoded tar of all the files below minus the executable.

peek.h: Header file for peek, read this if you're curious about the Part, Image, and Piece structs that make up the part/image data structure.
read.c: To read an object file and convert it into an object in memory.
fileio.c: Little utility functions called in read.c
build.c: malloc related stuff
enum.c: Functions to write out object "enumerations": an outline of what parts have which faces and what color they are. These were used before I had any sort of graphical display of objects.
intx.c: For doing cross-sections and slices
util.c: little utility functions used for object manipulation
xform.c: Does object movement and rotation.
psdraw.c: set of functions to draw postscript images of objects.
hcubeslice.c: reads in a hypercube, rotates it so that its main diagonal is along the w axis, and takes slices of it, which are then sent to psdraw(), to make the 20 page animation flip book of hypercube slices.
main.c: Right now all this does is call hcubeslice().
Makefile: The Makefile

Some object files hypercube with vertices at (+/-1, +/-1, +/-1, +/-1). cube with vertices at (+/-1, +/-1, +/-1). icosahedron bounded by unit sphere. a rough cylinder.

An executable

peek: If you happen to have a HP 700 series workstation this will work for you.
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