Superquadric Tensor Glyphs

This is a web version of the talk that I gave at the Eurographics/IEEE TVCG Symposium on Visualization ("VisSym"), on the lovely island of Mainau in Konstanz, Germany, on May 20, 2004. Unlike previous talks, I didn't really memorize what I was doing to say- the words here closer to what I meant to say, rather than what I did say.

These pages were made with talkweb, a stand-alone program released with teem, version 1.7 or later. The exact command was:

talkweb -i preindex.html -t preslide.html -s outline.txt

executed in this directory. The PNG images of the slides were made by PowerPoint.
  1. Superquadric Tensor Glyphs
  2. Goal
  3. Space of tensor shape
  4. Space of tensor shape, cont.
  5. Glyphs: ellipsoids
  6. Worst case scenario: ellipsoids.
  7. Glyphs: cuboids
  8. Eigensystem symmetry
  9. Glyphs: cylinders
  10. Basic idea
  11. How: superquadrics
  12. Basic method
  13. Glyphs: superquadrics
  14. Seam: hidden
  15. One parameter
  16. One parameter (3)
  17. One parameter (1.5)
  18. One parameter (0.75)
  19. One parameter (0.0)
  20. Good default choice
  21. Worst case scenario, revisited
  22. Worst case scenario, revisited
  23. Results
  24. Results
  25. Results (3D)
  26. Results (3D)
  27. Conclusions
  28. Final note