Hue-Balls and Lit-Tensors
for Direct Volume Rendering
of Diffusion Tensor Fields

Web version of the Visualization '99 presentation

This is an online version of the presentation I gave at Viz '99. With each slide I've given the text that I tried to commit to memory. Because I didn't succeed in remembering all of it, there are some extra explanatory sentences here which I didn't say at Viz.

On a number of slides I did employ the powerpoint trick of having some pictures or text appear only after I hit the space bar. The images shown here are the slides with all the elements in place, as the slide would appear just before moving on to the next one. This means that some slides seem to be too complex and overloaded, oh well. Also, in the cases where I say "here" or "there" referring to something in the slide, I've added parenthetical comments saying what I was pointing to.