Curvature-Based Transfer Functions: Methods and Applications

This is a web version of the talk that I gave at the IEEE Visualization conference, October 24 2003. I planned out what I wanted to say nearly word for word; these pages document those words. That means that you'll have to figure out to what I'm referring when I say "here" or "this", good luck!

These pages were made with talkweb, a stand-alone program released with teem, version 1.7 or later. The exact command was:

talkweb -i preindex.html -t preslide.html -s outline.txt
executed in this directory. The PNG images of the slides were made either by PowerPoint or by Grab (an OS X app).
  1. Title slide
  2. Outline
  3. Previous work
  4. What is curvature
  5. Curvature measures
  6. Application area
  7. Vector calculus
  8. Projections, Hessian, Invariant: n
  9. Projections, Hessian, Invariant: nnT
  10. Projections, Hessian, Invariant: I - nnT
  11. Projections, Hessian, Invariant: H
  12. Projections, Hessian, Invariant: HP
  13. Projections, Hessian, Invariant: PHP
  14. Projections, Hessian, Invariant: plane is the surface
  15. Projections, Hessian, Invariant: normalization
  16. Projections, Hessian, Invariant: finding kappa1, kappa2
  17. Recipe for Curvature Measurement
  18. Derivative Measurement
  19. Derivative Measurement in 3-D
  20. Spatial Filter Design
  21. Spatial Filter Design Experiment
  22. Spatial Filter Design Experiment (2)
  23. Half-way Point
  24. Direct Volume Rendering
  25. Level Sets
  26. Level Sets Results
  27. Isosurfaced Uncertainty
  28. Flow-line Curvature Results
  29. Non-photorealistic volume rendering
  30. Contours
  31. Better contours: Idea
  32. Better contours: Results
  33. Ridge and Valley emphasis: Idea
  34. Ridge and Valley emphasis: Results
  35. Volume NPR: results (skin)
  36. Volume NPR: results (skin, old contours)
  37. Volume NPR: results (skin, new contours)
  38. Volume NPR: results (skin, ridge and valley)
  39. Volume NPR: results (skin, both effects combined)
  40. Volume NPR: results (bone)
  41. Volume NPR: results (bone, old contours)
  42. Volume NPR: results (bone, new contours)
  43. Volume NPR: results (bone, ridge and valleys)
  44. Volume NPR: results (bone, both effects combined)
  45. Volume NPR: Animation
  46. Discussion
  47. Final note