Face-based Luminance Matching for
Perceptual Colormap Generation

Web version of the IEEE Vis '02 presentation

This is an HTML version of the presentation given by Gordon Kindlmann (me) at IEEE Visualization '02 on Oct 31, 2002. These pages show images of the Powerpoint slides I used, along with the text of what I had meant to (but didn't quite) memorize for the presentation.

Many slides have elements which "appear"; the images here show the slide as it looked just before the transition to the next slide. Hopefully it is clear from context which parts of the slide are being referred to by the different parts of the text.

These pages were created with a combination of Paint Shop Pro, emacs, and Perl.

  1. Title Slide
  2. Intro: Kinds of luminance variation
  3. Intro: Importance of luminance
  4. Motivation
  5. Terminology
  6. Previous Work
  7. Previous Work: Which Blair
  8. Comparison to Which Blair
  9. Our method
  10. Face-based matching
  11. Luminance-controlled interpolation
  12. Questions
  13. Luminance vs. Brightness
  14. Luminance vs. Brightness
  15. User Study
  16. Hypothesis
  17. Results
  18. Results
  19. Discussion
  20. Thanks, Questions