Dedicated to Professor Mark Scatterday

Just in case he ever doubts that his teaching and leadership do not profoundly effect the students he works with, this thesis is dedicated to Mark Scatterday, Chair of the Department of Music at Cornell University, and director of the wind ensembles in which I played clarinet during my two years at the Program of Computer Graphics. His expressivity, energy, and precision as a conductor inspired both a rededication to playing my instrument well, and a fresh realization of how important creating music is to me. When I overslept and dared walk into an hour-long dress rehearsal 45 minutes late, Professor Scatterday had the incomparable poise and trust to ask not ``Where have you been?!'', but simply, ``Are you okay?'' I can only hope that the amazing level of his care and devotion continues to leave as great an impression on his current students as it did on me.