Gordon Kindlmann

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I'm now at the University of Chicago.

Previously, I spent about four years as a research fellow in the Laboratory of Mathematics in Imaging at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. Before that, I spent seven years as a PhD student in the University of Utah Computer Science Department, working in the Scientific Computing and Imaging research group.

My dissertation, "Visualization and Analysis of Diffusion Tensor Fields", is available here. The visualization component of this work describes an intuitive barycentric space for describing the range of tensor shape, superquadric tensor glyphs, fiber tracking based on "deflection", and the generalization of volume rendering to diffusion tensor fields. The analysis component of this work presents a mathematical framework for decomposing the gradient of a symmetric second-order tensor field (a third-order tensor) into six orthogonal components, composed of three degrees of freedom in shape change, and three degrees of freedom in orientation change, which facilitates a generalization of edge detection to tensor-valued images.

I'm interested in combining scientific visualization with image processing and analysis, while guided by basic aspects of human visual perception. Some research along these lines has been completed. Some software has also been written.

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