CRA-W Distributed Mentor Project


Below are some of the papers that I read this summer. I have avoided linking directly to the paper where possible in order to avoid copyright issues. The links below will take you to a site containing information about the paper and/or author. There you can download the paper.

Where the Really Hard Problems Are. Peter Cheeseman, Bob Kanefsky, and Wiliam M. Taylor. Proceedings of IJCAI-91.

Other papers relating to this topic:

The Statistical Mechanics of k-Satisfaction. Scott Kirkpatrick, Géza Györgyi, Naftali Tishby, and Lidror Troyansky. Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems. 1994.

Can't Get No Satisfaction. Brian Hayes. American Scientist. Volume 85, Number 2, pp. 108-112. March-April 1997.

Phase Transitions in the Properties of Random Graphs. Jeremy Frank and Charles U. Martel. 1995.