Russ Fish, Software Architect and Senior Programmer

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 Home Phone: (801) 274-2834
 Cell Phone: (801)953-3778
 Home Address:
    1618 Meadowmoor Road
    Holladay, Utah 84117

A view of Mount Olympus from my office window in the winter, March 19 2013 in Holladay, Utah (click for full-size):
Recent Projects:  May 1, 2013, I started working for Magic Leap Inc, which is based in Hollywood, Florida (between North Miami and Fort Lauderdale.) I'll be working across the network from my home much of the time, either in Holladay, Utah or Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Magic Leap is an Augmented Reality startup with ambitious plans. Augmented Reality is see-through Virtual Reality, where a computer graphics overlay is registered with the visual world. See Wikipedia for more. (Sorry, we're stealthed so don't expect the website to give much detail. It's fun, though.)

Before that for 3 years, I had been commuting to work in Utah Valley.

Resume:  For more details, here's my concise resume, in HTML, Word DOC, PDF, and ASCII text, as well as in a more detailed narrative form that techies may find more satisfying.

In mid-2009, I began architecting, designing, and implementing Gem, my own geometric modeler in Python and OpenGL.

Gem is a cross-platform aid to making precise, 2D and 3D diagrams, CAD drawings, and solid models of objects for engineering and manufacturing. It is designed to be easily ported to different languages and GUI toolkits, and to run either as a stand-alone application, or as a plug-in or extension to other drawing programs and modelers. Gem is also designed to work as a remote collaboration "design whiteboard", for example while diagramming software or designing mechanical parts.

The Python GemCore geometry library is a new implementation, quite similar in design to the Alpha_1 Shape_edit basic geometry library. GemCore is nearly complete up through 2D and 3D points and vectors, lines and planes, and arcs and circles including intersections and tangencies. At present, there's just enough basic NURBS curve support to make path (profile) curves and draw them through PyOpenGL in the default GLUT toolkit windows.

I have a CNC conversion for my little manual Unimat SL1000 lathe/milling machine, and intend to generate CNC g-code toolpaths from GemCore path curves, as we did in Alpha_1.


Volcano Mine (In tribute to my Dad.)


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