Dong Xie

Ph.D Student
School of Computing, University of Utah

72 South Central Campus Drive, RM 2780
School of Computing, University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT, 84112

Email: dongx [at] cs [dot] utah [dot] edu
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I am a Ph.D student at University of Utah working with Prof. Feifei Li in the Data Group at University of Utah. I received my bachelor's degree from ACM Honored Class of Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2015, and my research director at SJTU was Prof. Bin Yao. My research interests lie in designing distributed database management systems to handle big (spatial-temporal) data. Besides, I am also interested in main-memory database techniques and data privacy. A more detailed curriculum vitae is here.


Research Projects

Simba: Spatial In-Memory Big data Analysis

Simba is a distributed in-memory spatial analytics engine based on Apache Spark. It extends the Spark SQL engine across the system stack to support rich spatial queries and analytics through both SQL and DataFrame query interfaces. Besides, Simba introduces native indexing support over RDDs in order to develop efficient spatial operators. It also extends Spark SQL's query optimizer with spatial-aware and cost-based optimizations to make the best use of existing indexes and statistics.