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December 17, 1993-September 17, 2007

Photo of a young MacDougal, a black Labrador Retriever, lying on the grass

MacDougal was a guide dog from Guide Dogs for the Blind. Born in the Guide Dog kennels in San Rafael, California,he moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, for his first 16 months. He returned to San Rafael for his training as a guide dog and partnered with David in August, 1995.

MacDougal worked for nearly 10 years as a guide dog. He was a fantastic guide, easily handling complex and crowded situations. Most of his career was spent in Salt Lake City, Utah, but he traveled to many places in the U.S with David. The only problem with his guide work came from obstacles across the path at about six feet above the ground. These would hit David in the forehead. MacDougal would always respond, "You try guiding something that is 18 feet high and see how easy it is with those top few inches."

MacDougal retired in May, 2005. He chose his retirement package very carefully. He moved to "Biscuitland" (David's parents' house) in southern California. He enjoyed slow walks every morning, providing ample opportunities to read the "doggie" newspaper" and contribute his own opinions from time to time. He died peacefully in September, 2007.

Photo of MacDougal, age 13, walking along the sidewalk