Creating Accessible Web Content

Caveat: I do not write a lot of web content--there may be more elegant ways to make web pages accessible. Google will be your friend in this search.

Background: A screen reader is a program that persons with vision loss use to access the computer. These programs keep track of what the user is doing and provide appropriate feedback. There are two principal forms of feedback: Braille displays and speech synthesizers. I use a speech synthesizer, so here are some examples of the feedback I receive while working. As I type text, I hear each word that I type spoken aloud. When I review the text I have written, I hear the text that I am crossing. For instance, if I am navigating through the text by line, I hear each line of text spoken. If I am navigating by word, I hear that word spoken. If I am navigating by character, I hear only the character spoken.

There are a few simple steps that you can take to make web content more accessible for the blind. These steps are: