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Plymouth's Servant

(aka David Price)

Photo of Plymouth's head, a black Labrador Retriever

Hi, my name is Plymouth. I am a guide dog from Guide Dogs for the Blind. I am posting this page for my servant, David Price. I assumed control of David when MacDougal retired in 2005.

On the whole, David is a good servant, even if he doesn't spend all of his time playing tug-of-war with me. I do get adequate food (I'm a Labrador retriever, so it is never enough), long walks, play time, and a nice lap to lie in for a while before bed. So, I shouldn't complain, even though I still do... If only he would play more tug...

In fact, I was so pleased with his work at one point that, when we were in the market, I picked out a fudge brownie for him. I carried it all the way home and presented it to him at the front door. Amazingly enough, he wasn't grateful! In fact, he was upset--I think he forgot to pay for it. Undaunted, I thought that I would pick out another brownie for him the next time we were in the market. When he discovered what I was doing, he actually yanked my chain and told me "No!" See if I give him any other presents!

I love to travel, so I recently took David on a trip to the Rhône Valley in France. David also loves to ski, hike, and ride tandem bicycles. While I love the hiking, the other two don't thrill me, since I can't go along. But, I occasionally give him some time off if he wants to ski or cycle.

David's research interests include the areas of natural language processing, human computer interaction, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.  His current research deals with the problems raised by developing a spoken language interface for programming. His advisors are Ellen Riloff and Joseph Zachary . Here are his publications.

Contact info:

David Price
School of Computing, University of Utah
50 S. Central Campus Dr., Room 3190
Salt lake City, UT 84112

office:  4158A Merrill Engineering Building
E-mail: deprice @
Voice:  (801) 585 5048
Fax:  (801) 581 5843

Photo of Dave sitting on a bench with Plymouth, in harness, sitting next to him