Active DNS Timeline and Assignments

Task Person Due By Description
Language Everyone 03/01/1999 Pick a language. RESULTS: Secure TCL
Big Picture Everyone 03/08/1999 Come up with the high level architecture. The plan can be found in arch.html or later in the full architecture document.
Gruntwork Dave ? Configure an example domain on torrey. (done)
Stuff a huge record into the domain, and return it properly (server handles OK, nslookup barfs).
Interface Design Everyone 3/23/99 Decide on the set of interfaces to and from the namelet interpreter
Link in interpreter Everyone 3/23/99 Link the interpreter to the resolver library with a the initial execute_namelet(char *namelet, int len) method. At this point, have the interpreter simply do nothing or print out the namelet.
Brainstorm! Tom 3/23/99 Come up with a list of namelets we want to start out supporting. This is to give us an idea of what interfaces we want. Implement these namelets in TCL pseudocode, or even real TCL so you can show them off to us.

David G Andersen
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