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Language OCaml Java C C++ Scheme Perl Ruby Visual Basic Javascript php OpenGl
Links Notes Book Guide API from Sun C Library Reference by Eric Huss C FAQ FAQs Reference STL An Introduction to Scheme and its Implementation Perldoc, Reference Guide by Rex Swain Official, Unofficial MS Knowledge Base Reference by Netscape Supplement for Hearn & Baker NeHe
Notes volatile unsigned TELOS __asm ("0x0021");
Language SQL HTML XML LaTeX C# DOT Emacs
Links Introduction to SQL by James Hoffman Bare Bones Guide by Kevin Werbach Xploring by WebRef LaTeX cheat sheet MiKTeX - the windows version training modules at DevHood MSDN2 library Graphviz GNU Reference Card Reference page
Notes Use \centering instead of \begin{center} \end{center} to save space. dot uses rank, neato squeezes things
Google Sawzall Chubby MapReduce GFS Paxos BigTable
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