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Cecily Heiner

I am a Visiting Assistant Professor at Southern Utah University(2011-2012).

My research interests include language technology, intelligent tutoring, human computer interaction, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and educational data mining. I am interested in creating and improving intelligent tutoring systems to help people learn languages(broadly defined, both human and computer languages). I am currently working on software to collect and classify short answers from students in real time for large lecture courses. For my dissertation, I built and evaluated a tool to provide automated answers to common questions in introductory computer science; my advisor was Joe Zachary. Prior to beginning my PhD, I was a Masterís student at Carnegie Mellon University. I worked with Jack Mostow and Joseph Beck to improve the Project LISTEN Reading Tutor and mine data from the tutor. As an undergraduate, I did an internship at Microsoft in the Speech product group and an undergraduate research project in the speech group at Brigham Young University.

I have extensive experience in teaching the introductory Java programming classes in a variety of roles including undergraduate TA and professor. I have also taught several variations of computer literacy, web development, multimedia, computer architecture, and advised both undergraduates and graduate students on research projects. I have a secondary (grade 7-12) teaching license and most of the secondary computing endorsements, including endorsements for all of the required secondary career and technical education(CTE) classes. I have won several awards at the department, college, and university level for my work as a teaching assistant in the introductory computer science classes. I also enjoy working with K12 students in numerous capacities, including teacher, mentor, and judge, and many of the high school students I have advised have competed succcessfully at the regional and international level. I have been recognized for my outreach and involvement with women in computing as an Anita Borg finalist.

My hobbies include traveling, running, cooking, oil painting, quilting, and learning to play the organ.