Caring for your Guitar

Don't just leave your guitar out in open all the time!

Whether you are a professional musician or a person who likes to sit around the house and play, taking care of your guitar is very important. Guitar manufacturers today take great care in building their products, and they actually handpick different types of wood to craft an instrument which is visually appealing.  This also provides a resonance that can be unique to the particular type of guitar. This is true of electric guitars, as well as acoustic guitars. My review will deal with the care of an electric guitar, but many of the points that I raise will apply to the acoustic guitar also.

A guitar player should maintain his instrument with two things in mind: first, to preserve the beauty that is inherent in a well-crafted guitar that was built from quality woods, and second, to keep the instrument in the best possible playing condition.

Here are my suggestions for caring for your guitar:

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