Academic Job Resources

  • CRA Job Postings Computing Research Association Academic Job Postings. This resource should be checked often as it is updated all year long and frequently during the fall semester.

  • ACM Job Postings The Association for Copmuting Machinery's Job Postings. This resource should also be checked often and often has different listings than CRA's job postings.

  • IEEE Job Site IEEE has more than just academic job postings. This is a useful site to check for any computer science career. For those pursuing research careers- some postdoctoral and research engineer positions are posted to this site.

  • CRA Resource for building a research career Best resource for getting a faculty job (suggested by Prof. Bill Thompson)

  • Interviewing during a tight job market, by Qiong Luo and Zack Ives, SIGMOD Record Sep 2002. Prepared for database students, but should be useful for any gradudate student. Recommended even if you are just starting your Ph.D. program.

  • Applying for Jobs in Academia, by Luis Gravano. Check out Luis' application package and links to other job resources.

  • Tips on research and writing, by Renée Miller. Lot of useful resources if you work in data mining and databases. Check out tips and common mistakes in writing.

  • Universities listed by State, US This is a useful list if you are limited in your academic search by region or state and are interested in small liberal arts schools that may not post their job announcements nationally.

  • Academic Keys "Unlocking your career in academia", didn't you know we need a key to get in!

  • Interview Resource Rajeev suggested this webpage for those who are interviewing for a job

  • Hal Daume's Presentation Notes Hal Daume is a new professor at the Univ of Utah and he was kind enough to give us some tips on applying for jobs and interviewing.

    If you have any links that you know are useful when pursuing a post-graduate job please send them to and I'll add them to this page. Thanks!