Web Scripts and Design

This page holds many of the scripts I use on my site, as well as some pointers to some useful design information and specs.


If all worked well, you shouldn't have even known I was doing anything special.... My site is created on an SGI with default gamma correction of 1.7. Many people use systems (Window/sun) that do no gamma correction. These people would see all the images on my site as being too dark. The way to solve this problem is to give a different image to those systems that do no gamma correction. The ugly way to solve this is to turn each image on every page into a CGI script that can make this decision. This eliminates the ability to use WYSIWYG editors, and means that your pages will break if they are moved or the ability to run scripts disappears. My solution (on Apache3.3) is as follows: Add handler Write simple script to check and return the right image. Write and automatically run scripts to generate the gamma corrected image.

Bibliography scripts

This script was written originally for group use. It works well for individuals, even if a little overpowered. latex/bibtex generates a data file from a standard .bib file (with a few extra fields for online data). The script display the results, with or without the abstracts, and allowing searching. Any authors names that also exist in the bio file are turned into links. The bib entries can display the raw bibtex data for citations. The bio script can print out the list of authors as well as allowing searches back into the bib file.

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Everyone needs to write one of these...

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Rewrite this completely and make it useful. Better captioning system.

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