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Brian Smits

MW 5:00 - 6:00 LCR
Course number: 684-1
Index # 4500
No audits. All students must take the course for credit.

Program results 50%
Homework 25%
Final 25%
Late policy will be motivational.

Text: Radiosity and Realistic Image Synthesis by Cohen and Wallace [10]

The goal of the course is to be able to write and understand a hierarchical radiosity algorithm. The course starts with the use of a Monte Carlo ray tracer and builds off of that.

Week Monday Due Wednesday Due
1 Basis Functions nothing Projection onto Mesh nothing
2 Norms and Operators HW 1 Display Issues
3 Error HW 2 Implementation and Discretization PA 1
4 Form Factors HW 3 Computing Form Factors PA 2
5 Matrix Solutions HW 4 Links and Gauss-Seidel PA 3
6 Hierarchical Methods HW 5 Create to Epsilon PA 4
7 Multigridding HW 6 Refinement PA 5
8 View Independent Reconstruction HW 7 View Dependent Reconstruction PA 6
9 Memorial Day <No Class> nothing <No Class> nothing
10 Importance nothing Final <In Class> nothing
finals . . . Projects due Wed June 10th

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