Reconstruction Results

We have tested the following surface reconstruction algorithms on our benchmark:

- Algebraic Point Set Surfaces (APSS) (link)

- Reconstruction of Solid Models from Oriented Point Sets (Fourier) (link)

- Provably Good Moving Least Squares (IMLS) (link)

- Multi-level Partition of Unity Implicits (MPU) (link)

- Smoothing of Partition of Unity Implicit Surfaces for Noise Robust Surface Reconstruction (MPUSmooth) (link)

- Poisson Surface Reconstruction (Poisson) (link)

- 3D Scattered Data Interpolation and Approximation with Multilevel Compactly Supported RBFs (RBF) (link)

- An Integrating Approach to Meshing Scattered Data (Scattered) (link)

- Approximating and Intersecting Surfaces From Points (SPSS) (link)

- Streaming Surface Reconstruction using Wavelets (Wavelet) (link)

We have grouped the reconstruction results by shape, depicting the reconstructions and corresponding error plots for each point cloud:


Dancing Children