A Benchmark for Surface Reconstruction


Surface reconstruction is a well studied problem, with a substantial amount of work done over the past two decades. However, a comprehensive means of evaluating surface reconstruction algorithms is noticably absent. This project is focused on deriving a methodology for the evaluation of surface reconstruction. This website accompanies our paper by providing all of the associated data and software. We hope that surface reconstruction practitioners will find the data useful for evaluating their own reconstruction algorithms, and furthering the development of the field.


Matthew Berger, Joshua A. Levine, Luis Gustavo Nonato, Gabriel Taubin, and Claudio T. Silva
A Benchmark for Surface Reconstruction
ACM Transactions on Graphics 32(2), 20:1-20:17 (to be presented at SIGGRAPH 2013)
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Point Clouds

We provide renderings, in the form of splats, of all of our point clouds for our error distribution experiments. Additionally, for each point cloud we also provide an accompanying movie of the laser-striped range scans performed.

Reconstruction Results

For each point cloud in our error distribution experiments, we show the meshes produced by all reconstruction algorithms. Additionally, we also plot the different error metrics, so one can obtain an immediate comparison across all algorithms.


We have setup a sourceforge project for our benchmark. The source code may be obtained through svn. Please see the README file at the top-level directory for further information.


Please send an email to us if you have any questions.