Daman Bareiss

About Me:

I am currently working towards my Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Utah as well as owning and operating DB Robotics, LLC. DB Robotics is my engineering consulting company. At the University of Utah, I perform research on collision avoidance for multiple, mobile robot systems which you can read more about below. Before attending the University of Utah, I attended Oklahoma State University where I was active in ASME and led the organization's design team for several years. I spent some time as a product design engineer for the New Product Development Center as well. As for my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and being outdoors as much as possible. My ideal weekend typically involves skateboarding or snowboarding (season dependent).

DB Robotics:

DB Robotics is my (currently) single-member LLC. I started my company to perform engineering consulting for exciting projects outside of my academic work. If you have a need for a consultant, please contact me to discuss the ideas and hopefully I can fulfill your need.


I received my MS from the University of Utah in May of 2014. I received my BS in Mechanical Engineering at Oklahoma State University in May of 2011. I am currently working towards my Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Utah. My expected graduation date is May of 2017.


My dissertation research currently involves developing reciprocal collision avoidance algorithms. These algorithms allow multiple robots in a common workspace to avoid collisions with each other without the use of a centralized controller or inter-robot communcation.

Contact Information:

Feel free to contact me for more information or to dicuss any consulting or research needs.