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Welcome to my website

I was a PhD student at the University of Utah under the supervision of Professor Ellen Riloff. I graduated and started working as a Research Scientist at Philips Research North America, Cambridge, MA.

My research area is Natural Language Processing. In particular, I work/worked with topics such as semantic lexicon induction, text classification, and recognizing emotions in social media text. I also find interest in research related to subjectivity analysis in general, text summarization, and question answering systems.

In summer 2015, I was a research intern at Microsoft Research, and worked with two of the awesomest mentors: Patrick Pantel and Michael Gamon. At MSR, I worked on a generative model for workplace emails. The work has been published in proceedings of the 2016 NAACL conference.

In summer 2014, I was a Watson Research Summer Intern at IBM Research at Almaden, San Jose, and worked with another great mentor, Pablo Mendes. My research there was focused on exploring improvement opportunities for Glimpse, an in-house dictionary building technology. As part of my research, I worked on learning semantic lexicons from the informal text of Twitter, allowing flexible term length for the lexicon entries. A research paper based on my IBM summer internship work has been published in proceedings of the AAAI 2015 conference.

NLP research fascinates me. What we naturally understand just by reading a few sentences, computer programs would struggle hard to comprehend the same. They cannot make effective inferences based on real world knowledge like we do. This makes the task of automatic processing of natural language both challenging and interesting.

Before coming to the University of Utah, I received my masters degree in 2010 from the University of Wolverhampton, UK and the Université de Franche-Comté, France under the Erasmus Mundus masters program in Natural Language Processing and Human Language Technology. I completed my undergrad in 2006 in Computer Science and Information Technology at Islamic University of Technology, Bangladesh. Bangladesh is my home country.