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Arul Prakash Asirvatham

MS Student,

School Of Computing,

University of Utah

I am a MS student at the School of Computing, University of Utah. I did my bachelors at the International Insitute of Information Technology majoring in Computer Science. I got my bachelors degree on July 16th, 2002 and was ranked 2nd overall.

My research interests include Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence. I am currently working on surface parameterization techniques with Prof. Emil Praun. I am also very interested in the work going on in the Scientific Computing and Imaging group. My final year project was titled Script Segmentation of Multi-script Documents.

Computers are my first love. I love to spend most of time before the computer. During my spare time, if you don't find me before the computer, you will most probably find me reading a novel or watching cricket. I am really crazy about cricket and I can't remember having missed a single cricket match involving India during the past 2 years.

Contact Address

Arul Prakash Asirvatham
25 South, 1100 East,
Apartment #23,
Salt Lake City, UT - 84102.

Telephone No.  :    (801)-596-1399
Email ID          :    arul@cs.utah.edu,  arul-prakash@mailcity.com
Home Page      :    http://www.cs.utah.edu/~arul/, http://gdit.iiit.net/~arul/