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School of Computing
University of Utah

About Me

I am a second year Masters student at the School of Computing, University of Utah. My research interests are in web-mining and information retrieval, and database systems. I am currently working as a Research Assistant with Dr. Scott DuVall at the VA Healthcare System, Utah on information retrieval using multiple views of data (e.g., page text and social tags for webpages, discharge summaries and annotations for patient records data, etc), and integration of the UIMA framework for Natural Language Processing applications. In the past, I have also worked as a Research Assistant with Dr. Karen Eilbeck on Sequence Ontology project (SOBA), and with Dr. Claudio Silva and Dr. Juliana Freire on a Workflow Management tool called Kepler.

Prior to starting my graduate studies, I worked for a couple of years (2007 - 2009) at Wipro Technologies, India. I completed my undergraduate studies in 2007 from Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata, India, majoring in Information Technology.



Fall 2010

Advanced Computer Architecture
Operating Systems
Advanced Scientific Computing

Spring 2010

Topics in Information Retrieval
Database Systems
Foundations of Computer Science

Fall 2009

Machine Learning
Scientific Visualization


Anusua Trivedi
School of Comuting, University of Utah
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