The following links are to some miscellaenous bits of code that I've written, including my init.el file for Emacs and XEmacs. If you find any of this useful, please let me know. Enjoy!

I was so fascinated by the idea of Paul Heckbert's business card sized ray tracer idea that I had to try making one of my own. I'm pretty pleased with everything that I managed to cram into this. It pays homage to some classic ray tracing cliches and has the perfect file size.
This is my Emacs startup script. Mag-pie like, it's accumulated lots of random things which I've written over the years, and which you may find useful. It's fairly generously commented too.
This is a major mode for editing outlined notes according to my style of note taking. (Indented, with each note preceeded by a hyphen and a space.) It's the mode that I'd wished I'd had for taking notes in CS back during my undergraduate years.
Yes, I know about Calc. That's often overkill for my needs. This is just a basic algebraic style expression evaluator; the focus is on simplicity here. It can also evaluate expressions in place, which is handy for precomputing magic numbers for programs or making tables if you macro it.
This creates a persistent view of the files below a certain directory. If f or return is pressed on any of the files, they will be loaded in the other window. This is meant to allow quick navigation much like the speedbar file list but friendlier to use on a TTY.

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