First time build

I guess the best way to build the time-traveling Xen source tree is to follow the Xen build instructions in the README file. In reality it's really simple, you only need this:

make world

Most likely you will have some libraries missing, fix that, and proceed with the simple make command until build succeeds:


Finally, when you build complete, do install:

sudo make install

If your build breaks in some specific part of Xen, e.g. tools, xen, or kernels, you can invoke these commands separately to skip the components you do not need, like:

make xen
make kernels
make tools

Now you are ready to reboot your system and boot Xen. Proceed to Prepare VMs Instructions.

Subsequent development builds

Build Xen

The fastest way to build the Xen microkernel is following:

cd xen
make && sudo make install

Build you kernels

The fastest way to build your kernels is to treat it as a regular Linux source tree, i.e. do the following:

cd build-linux-2.6.18-xen0_x86_32
make && sudo make install

Do not forget to do sudo make modules_install if you've build some modules

Add files to the sparse tree

You added some files to the sparse tree, and now want to propagate them into the kernel build trees, do the following:

cd linux-2.6-xen-sparse
./mkbuildtree ../linux-2.6.18-xen; ./mkbuildtree ../ref-linux-2.6.18